There are lots of pros and cons about using online web builders to get your new website off the ground.  They can often be cheap and and easy way to build your site on your own, without any need to know complex code and design skills.  In fact, they are designed to be completely beginner friendly!  There are however some reasons why you might want to stick with a web designer after all….

The cost is normally what draws people in to the web builder.  They often make it sound as if the whole process will be FREE with FREE templates, FREE trials and FREE editing.  They make web designers look super expensive (with the average cost of a website sitting around £3000-£5000).  Web builders tend to slip the fact they charge monthly fees under the radar – that coupled with the fact that lots of optional extras cost more, such as adding extra panels or functionality.  As soon as you stop paying, your site is taken down.

Unique looking sites are what people dream of, however in reality the only way to get a truly unique site is to have custom content developed by a web designer.  Builders tend to have a limited template list, with maybe a few hundred at most.  There are likely to be lots of people choosing the same template as you!