It wasn’t long ago that having your own website was an expensive luxury. If one wanted his or her own website, they would probably hire professionals and spend thousands of dollars. Nowadays, anyone can create their own website, and purchase the space and all the tools they need, for less than the price of a good video game!


Get a Web Host

Completely free websites limit what you can do and stiffle your creative flow.  Buy a domain to get the best from your new site.

Create the website

WordPress is an easy to use CMS (content management system) which allows you to update and change things without needing to know any code languages.

Select a theme

Choose from the many themes available and pop your content in.  The great thing is you will have a professional looking site very quickly without needing to make any HTML changes.  You can simple add your content.

Market your site

WordPress does some SEO automatically for you, but you will need to get your site seen on search engines like Google and Yahoo.